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1341Re: TWO very good questions

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  • Stephanie Vazquez
    Feb 5, 2005
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      Hello Jim,
      Methadone will not show up in a screen for "OPIATES". It requires it
      own specific test.
      If the place doing the drug, uses a 5 panel drug screen, methadone is
      not included (AFAIK), however, if the lab they use, does a 10 panel
      drug screen, then methadone is included. So, it all depends on the
      type of drug screening that is used or that the company or person is
      requesting. You can put "drug screening and methadone" in a search
      engine and they will explain about "panel tests".

      As far as this 40mg comment your doctor made, first of all, it is not
      true. However, there are documents talking about 40 mg of methadone as
      a partial blockade....etc, etc. It means something totally
      different. If I am explaining this correctly, blockade has to do with
      tolerance and the patients protection against the euphoric effects and
      also protection against any respiratory distress that that would occur
      with the opiate free patient.
      Here is an article:

      I hope that this helps.
      Take care,
      Stephanie Vazquez
      NYC NAMA
      Together We Can Make a Difference

      On Feb 4, 2005, at 2:04 PM, James C. Creeden wrote:

      > Hi my name is Jim ,
      > I have recently been told two things regarding methadone that I have
      > found hard to swallow.
      > The first is something a doctor told me while I was in the hospital. I
      > take 90 mgs of meth for pain and have been for a few years. Well I was
      > admitted into the hospital and only given 60mgs and when I asked why
      > my dose was lowered the doc (not my primary doc) told me it was
      > because after 40mgs all of the pain was stopped and the rest was just
      > being wasted! Any comments regarding 40mgs blocking all the pain on
      > everyone ?
      > Next question I had a guy I met in the hospital who told me he took
      > methadone illegaly at times and when I asked him if he had any
      > concerns about his job ever drug testing him he said no because
      > methadone did not show up in tests. In fact he was a patient and had
      > taken meth before admitance and had a blood test with negative
      > results,so he says! So is he lieing , is there truth to this?
      > Thank you ,
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