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1337Re: [METHADONIA ] TWO very good questions

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  • Rowdy Hakes
    Feb 4, 2005
      "James C. Creeden" <friendlyfarmer2001@...> wrote:
      Hi my name is Jim ,

      I have recently been told two things regarding methadone that I have
      found hard to swallow.

      The first is something a doctor told me while I was in the hospital. I
      take 90 mgs of meth for pain and have been for a few years. Well I was
      admitted into the hospital and only given 60mgs and when I asked why
      my dose was lowered the doc (not my primary doc) told me it was
      because after 40mgs all of the pain was stopped and the rest was just
      being wasted! Any comments regarding 40mgs blocking all the pain on
      everyone ?

      Next question I had a guy I met in the hospital who told me he took
      methadone illegaly at times and when I asked him if he had any
      concerns about his job ever drug testing him he said no because
      methadone did not show up in tests. In fact he was a patient and had
      taken meth before admitance and had a blood test with negative
      results,so he says! So is he lieing , is there truth to this?

      Thank you ,

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      Hey Jim,

      Good questions, but your Dr. was pulling your leg about the 40mgs. thing, for one thing everyone is different, two the average dose to stop cavings is between 80-120mgs. For pain I,m not sure, I think that's smaller doses every 4-6 hrs??? I take 155mgs of methadone every morning, and because of severe osteoarthritis, I also take morphine and other goodies. I just had a total knee replacement in December, if I would have had a Dr. like yours, I would have never made it though the surgery. My surgeon has known me for a while, and he gave me my methadone, oral morphine, plus a morphine pump, so I could dose myself every 10 minutes if neened. You need to shop for a Dr. that's going to be on the same page as you are on, when it comes to methadone, or you will wind up in alot of pain.( I hope you were OK?)

      The second question the other answers you got are true I think, the test has to be set up for methadone, or it won't show up. I hope this helps some, have a great day, and stay out of trouble : ).


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