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  • Oats Willie
    Oct 1, 2004
      Hey Tracy! As far as finding a physician goes, Claude answered that
      question right. Doctors can only prescribe for pain right now, not
      addiction. Plus my dose is a little bit high also.And I live right
      off the Gulf of Mexico about 60 miles from Mobile,Ala. We didn't stay
      there but went about 35 miles to the west and north of I-10. It
      wasn't bad there at all but we were as ready as we were gonna get. I
      hate them hurricanes! I'm so glad I'm not in Florida. I have been
      thru several right there at my home, including the killer hurricane
      Camille in 1969, and it is scary as hell! We will always evacuate if
      it is called for. Yea, I wish I could find a place closer to dose but
      for now I really like where I'm at at TTC. Although I wish the doctor
      would give bigger increases when ya need one. When you're on a high
      dose you just can't feel a 10mg. difference, ya know? I wrote him a
      great letter and included something I got from Dr. Payte about giving
      increases to people whose dose is over 150mgs. but I think it got
      lost in the mail. I will try again soon. But anyway, I will be there
      on October 21st, a Thursday, at 5 am. I always get a room at the Park
      Inn on 43rd and 290 west, when I get there on Wednesday evening about
      9pm. I'm heading to work now so catch ya'll later!! Oats

      --- In DOLOPHINEA_CAFE@yahoogroups.com, Tracy Lilly
      <surfelvistx@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Oats Willie:
      > What a coincidence !!
      > As far as alternatives to driving to Houston once a month, have you
      tried to get a local or quasi-local physician to prescribe Methadone
      to you either there in Alabama (local) or in Mississippi or Louisiana
      > Here in Houston, there are several doctors who will prescribe
      Methadone (M), however, they will not go as high in dosage as TTC
      (Texas Treatment Center) will. I believe that when they made it
      legal or okay for private physicians to prescribe M, it was
      nationwide, not just here in Texas.
      > It will be a great day when we can just get it prescribed over the
      phone or via mail (regular or email) and just go pick it up at our
      local pharmacy or have it mailed to us!! Wishful thinking...
      > I'm sure that there are lots of cancer patients who live in rural
      areas who have the same problem that you do. What do they do? Do
      they have doctors who will prescribe it by mail? or just require
      once-a-month office visits and still prescribe a large amount (and
      large I mean over 100 mg/day)?
      > If there are, how would you ever find out about them?
      > I am so glad that you have this site.
      > Did you survive the hurricane? I can't remember if I saw you at
      the clinic before or after Ivan last hit in or near Mobile, Alabama.
      If you did go through it, how was it? Did you go to a shelter? or
      flee back to Texas? I hope that you and yours are okay and did not
      suffer any injury or loss of property.
      > Well, that's it for now. When do you come to the clinic each
      month? When will you be coming next month, or in October? Let me
      know and I'll make sure that I'm there next time so we can briefly
      talk before you have to rush back East along I-10 to beat the
      > Have a great day!!
      > Tracy
      > Oats Willie <ODUBYA@A...> wrote: Hey There,surfelvistx?? I'm sorry
      but I didn't catch your name the
      > other day..That was pretty neat seeing you at 'my' clinic in
      > This is definitely a very small world we occupy for the time
      > And remember, there are NO coincidences! I hope you find the info
      > are looking for..Oh, and by the way, Steve T., at the clinic,
      > know about this site. Unless he stumbled upon it on his own. I
      > have never had the chance to talk to anyone over there because I am
      > so pressed for time every time I am there, which is only once a
      > month.I rent a car to get there from Mississippi and I get out of
      > there(5:30-6 am) just in time to beat the terrible rush hour
      > on that interstate network over there. I was thinking about making
      > some flyers to put in the clinic telling about this club. Maybe I
      > could muster up some more members and liven it up a bit. But it has
      > it's highs and lows like it always has. I have so much on my plate
      > and time keeps getting shorter and shorter trying to get things you
      > need done. I hardly have time these days to get here myself..How
      > have you been at that clinic? I started last December, when I
      > transferred from the mickey mouse clinic I survived at (barely) in
      > Alabama for eight years.. I wish I would've changed clinics years
      > ago.. I REALLY wish someone could manage to open a clinic in my OWN
      > state!! I helped get it 'legal' to have them over 2 years ago and
      > there still are none open. I think the powers that be are making it
      > impossible for anyone to open one up. It's just disgusting and a
      > screwed up situation all the way around..Maybe before I leave my
      > one might open up! Anyway, good luck on whatever you end up doing
      > far as going overseas.. Chaio~Allen'Oats' Schultz Gulf Coast NAMA
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      > > I will probably be traveling...(remainder deleted by sender to
      save space).
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