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1175Re: [METHADONIA ] Methadone, Methadose and myths

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  • claude
    Apr 12, 2004
      jon, european meth has always more potent than what we use in the us. we use the racemic meth which is half active and half inactive so if you get 200mg in france it's only equal to 100mg in this country so that makes sense why it wouldn't hold you the same way.


      jonfrankjr <jonfrankjr@...> wrote:
      First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Jon, and I'm a LONG
      -term opiate addict. I'm not particularly proud of this, but I
      certainly don't see any reason to be ashamed either. Over the years,
      I've used heroin and Methadone in six different countries, and no two
      places were the same. In France, Methadone comes in small bottles or
      "Flacons", and tastes like 2 Tablespoons of Honey, with Two
      Tablespoons of sugar added. Not to mention the slightly bitter after
      taste from the small portion of this gelatinous mixture that actually
      is Methadone HCI. IN Canada, I was given a cough syrup sized bottle
      each day, which was a mixture of Methadone HCI and (100% imitation)
      orange-ade. In Switzerland, they asked me if I wanted "Heroin or
      methadone" (No-they don't just hand out Heroin to anyone-no need to
      jump on a plane)-and they gave me Methadone in pills. In the UK-it was
      green syrup.
      100 mg of The stuff in France held me well into the next day. When I
      first went over there, I didn't even WANT to take my medication before
      the next afternoon (they give you 2 wks worth at a time). After 6
      months of that, I came back to the US and was SICK by 6 a.m. every
      morning for weeks from the shit we have here. The Nurses and Dr. said
      "it's all in your head", then one Dr. told me the truth.

      It has NOTHING to do with WHAT it's called. METHADOSE IS METHADONE
      HCI-but it's a brand-name made by Mallinckrodt. MethaDONE (in the
      U.S.) is often made by Eli Lilly (at least the Diskets are). Different
      companies have different Quality Control standards, Chemists, etc.
      Just like one bag of dope that has 50 mg's of Heroin isn't going to be
      the same as another with 50 mg's. It's all in the mix, so to speak. So
      whenever anyone tells you "It's all the same", that's crap. Just ask
      Eli Lilly's sales force if their product is the same as
      Mallinckrodts-or better. They'll say "it's BETTER". Try this-drink
      Jack Daniels, then drink 12 year old single Malt. Which is better?
      (Lilly's Methadone was actually recalled back in '89, but has been
      fine since)

      One more thing. The generic term for Methadone, Dolophine is NOT named
      after Adolph Hitler. It wasn't "invented by drug-addicted Nazis". It
      WAS invented by a German company during Germany's NAZI era, but as a
      synthetic opiate to replace the cut off supply lines of opium from the
      east. It turned out to be a great invention, as I can attest, and has
      probably saved millions of lives. The big NAZI junkie was Hermann
      Goerring, who was addicted to HydroCodone (or a close synthetic
      analog) and was detoxed mercilessly by his American captors. And they
      wonder why he killed himself? By the way, Dolophine doesn't come from
      ADOLPH-it comes from the latin words for pain-"Dolor" and End "Fin".
      Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it Guiliani....

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