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1142Re: [METHADONIA ] Re: Federal Guidlines on Takeouts

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  • Lenny Tizz
    Mar 2 10:27 AM
      Hi with a name Johnnyrockyou must be from my time.I live in Michigan.I know i am sorry.I like Mich.Mets the first was 1970. They got cought with there hands in the cookie jar.That was my first metClint.I put you in my address book it sounds like you know what you are talking about.If you know how meany days can I get take homes 13 or 30 ????.I only go once a week Mondays. The most 4 a fishing is 13 I think this is not the TRUTH.

      Lenny Tizz bigtizz@...

      johnnyrock <johnhenryr@...> wrote:
      --- In DOLOPHINEA_CAFE@yahoogroups.com, Stephanie Vazquez
      <ssv55@e...> wrote:
      > Hello John,
      > Dann gave you the Federal Regulations for take-homes, however,
      > "current" New York State Methadone Regulations are more stringent,
      > that is what we must abide by.
      > Here is the link to the "current" NYS Methadone Regs :
      > http://www.oasas.state.ny.us/regs/828.htm
      > This is the current take-home schedule: (though, I suggest that
      you go
      > to the link above and read them yourself and also the criteria
      > necessary to request them.)
      > (i) If the patient has been admitted for less than three months
      > (including the stabilization period), daily clinic visits are
      > unless the program is only open six days a week, in which case
      > daily take-home dose may be issued weekly.
      > (ii) If the patient has been admitted more than three months but
      > than two years, no less than three clinic visits weekly are
      > No more than two take-home doses may be issued at any time, and no
      > than a total of four take-home doses in any week.
      > (iii) If the patient has been admitted for at least two years but
      > than three years, no less than two clinic visits per week are
      > No more than three take-home doses may be issued at any time, and
      > more than a total of five take-home doses in any week.
      > (iv) If a patient has been admitted for three years, a six-day
      > of methadone may be provided.
      > ==================
      > One more thing, I keep emphasizing that these are the "current"
      > Methadone Regs, because OASAS has submitted a proposal for NEW
      > )regulations. The proposed take-home schedule is changed.
      > this is in the early stages now. The CURRENT regs are the ones we
      > follow now(the ones I gave you).
      > Take care,
      > Stephanie Vazquez
      > NY NAMA
      > Brooklyn, New York
      > ssv55@e...
      > http://www.methadone.org
      > Together We Can Make a Difference
      Did I say thanks for INFO?< well Thanks in case I forgot. I read
      link for regs on Take home, but i need help understanding them.
      since my ninety days were up last saturday and my counselor
      is "presenting" me next tuesday, what is the best they can approve
      me for at first presentation? Can i get more than two take homes? I
      certainly meet all the other criteria, clean urines, responsible, i
      work 2 jobs and own my home.Wadda think? Hope you are all having a
      great day, THANK GOD the Cold weather is GONE., Sincerly, JOHN
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