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  • dannw87
    Jan 2, 2004
      Thanks for the reply Claude, and your'e so rite; a guy told me the
      other day that the problem with our clinic is that they
      use "METHADOSE" not "METHADONE" and I explained the contents were
      methadone hcl (incidentally also known as amidone)BUT....There is a
      big and I mean big difference in performance. For years I took
      dolophine by prescription and after twice recieving 10mg MethadoSe
      tabs I refused to purchase them they were inferior by at least 40%
      of the Dolophine(Roxane)tabs. In liquids by far I found the purple
      concentrate that came with a pump mechanism so much more potent than
      any other form of the drug. I promise these are tried and true
      opinions gathered over my methadone career (1970 to present), I'm
      not bragging by the way all that experience shows nothing but how
      hard-headed I am.

      Good to hear from you I don't know why my email isn't on the forum
      but it is dannw87@... - keep in touch


      --- In DOLOPHINEA_CAFE@yahoogroups.com, claude <hopjr2@y...> wrote:
      > Dann,
      > what you describe sounds like a generic version of the
      original lilly diskette which those were sort of square shape. This
      is a debate that has been going on forever but the active ingredient
      is methadone hcl and regardless of the brand 100mg is a 100mg,
      however some use different inert ingredients and in some people it
      may effect the way it's metabolized. Go to www.methadone.org which
      is nama's website and there are lots of data on the subject.
      > claude
      > ps also type in methadone in the googles search engine
      > dannw87 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      > My name is dann white, I am a methadone patient (hi-dose) at a
      > repressive clinic. I am active in the cause of methadone advocacy
      > and looking to become moreso.
      > Our clinic just started using some cheap round orange or peach
      > biscuits with numbers on them- they are hard to read but it looks
      > like they say 63 or s3-3xxx on them. Has anyone ever seen these
      > before? Do you know where I can find photos of the different
      > varieties out there?
      > Looking forward to knowing you
      > Dann
      > (and wife Elizabeth)
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