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27280Globe, vernacularization, and disappearance

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  • dphilfinc
    Jul 2, 2014

      It was over two years ago that Globe Telecoms became the first and still the only one in the entire Philippines to offer client support over the phone in another language aside from the Tagalog national language. If you need to speak to a representative concerning a service matter, there are essentially two options, Taglish and Visayan. Visayan as tested by DILA over the years turned out to be Cebuano only. It is option number three if you want it but the each time it has been recently tried, the Visayan option brought a Tagalog speaking contractual or outsource agent. Why are you not a "Visayan" agent they were asked? No such available they kept responding.

      It may take you a long time but eventually you will start believing that what they say about there being nobody Visayan is true. You were told over a year ago the way Globe picks "Visayan" phone agents. Indiscriminately and without method. The quantity of non-Tagalogs has become critically low. Vernacularization has not worked the way some of us thought it would. We shrink, Tagalog keeps expanding. Commerce and education are lost to us as long as Tagalogization is continuously pursued by the national government. As it continues to hunt us down and make us disappear, vernacularication is ultimately a useless defense.