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Do not bow down to Almario and the Tagalogista mafia in Philippine g

Having caught part of a CNN-P report on communities worldwide with more than their share of nonagenarians and centenarians, I immediately thought that the high
Nov 19

Decline of America prognosticated and qualified.

America is the one place in the world whose technological and cultural leadership has gone unchallenged for the better part of the past century. China
Nov 17

Education to make you Tagalog. Something strange going on.

DepEd is the richest agency of the government, not far from half of all its collected taxes are earmarked for administrators' and teachers' salaries, and these
Nov 16

On Google Translate and Wikipedia objection to bots

So Google Translate is a robot, a bot. Will the usual suspects object if we use Google Translate, edit the translation and post in Wiki. As part of the Google
Lino Gerona
Nov 15

Mocha Uson Blog

MOCHA USON BLOG  ... MOCHA USON BLOG PART 1- For the Motherland - Sass Rogando Sasot vs. BBC ... Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone MOCHA USON BLOG MOCHA USON
Lino Gerona
Nov 13

Tagalog crab mentality in Wikipedia

Security Check Required  ... Security Check Required ... Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone Security Check Required Security Check Required Sent from Yahoo Mail
Lino Gerona
Nov 5

Sakal is gone but we don't give a damn.

For over eight years the minute-long video clip of Judy Santos and Gloria Diaz in the Tagalog movie Sakal which was uploaded to Youtube garnered 43,095 views.
Nov 3

Language or Dialect, the definitive definition.

Before I begin, can somebody post here THE PHILIPPINE GENOCIDE PROJECT by Ariel. Who cares if it is a language or a dialect? Nobody. Not the governor or mayor
Nov 1

Religion is communism, how can such a thing happen?

DILA is seventeen. Reports about the execution of multiple hundreds of zombies (comrades accused of being deep penetration agents of the Philippine military or
Nov 1

Abortion and euthanasia, a lesson for Tagalogistas.

"What makes killing someone wrong is that doing so deprives her of a future of value. I am deprived of all the value of my future. Inflicting this loss on me
Oct 29

Education no longer serves a good purpose in our lives.

“What did I get out of this extremely expensive four-year ritual?” was a question raised in a NationalReview article the other month. Apart from costs
Oct 28

Re: Tagalog government wants us to pay for destruction wreaked by Is

I like the idea of not rebuilding anything. Yes. Indeed. Let it be a reminder for all on the life hating sectarian rantings of this quasi religious fascist
Oct 27

Tagalog government wants us to pay for destruction wreaked by Islami

Political expert Alex Magno writes in his column today: I could not grasp the genius behind the proposal to conserve Marawi’s central business district in
Oct 26

Suffer in this country just because.

Reminder to all: non-Tagalog commentary is permitted. There is a commercial of the San Miguel conglomerate that cynically flatters you about your power to
Oct 25

Re: Rule of crime in the Philippines is permanent.

This is why I like authentic regional autonomy. But first the culture of Datuism and especially islamic thinking among a significant minority should be
Oct 23
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