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Gay Colossus and Marvel's alternative universes

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  • Vampy
    From: Christopher Logan Hanssen Well I guess your right and that is really wierd. Why would Marvel make him gay in that Universe but not in the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2006
      From: "Christopher Logan Hanssen" <> Well I guess your right and that is
      really wierd. Why would Marvel make him gay in that Universe but not in the
      mainstream one?

      Remember the Clone Saga, Heroes Reborn, Onslaught? Marvel is run by a bunch
      of cynical accountants with marginal creative skills who are on the Sony
      Corporation's version of Welfare for Morons.

      The comic books are now just the fleas on top of the Motion Picture products
      which can earn hundreds of millions of dollars. So the comic book execs can
      fart around and mess up the characters any way they want to, since they do
      not have to be profitable anymore. The average comic book now has a
      circulation of 10,000. When I was a kid, the Hulk was circulating about
      300,000 and there were always threats that Hulk, Thor, Iron-Man, etc. would
      get cancelled if they dipped under 150,000 issues per month.

      So after all the flack from Clone Saga and similar fiascos, the creatively
      bankrupt Marvel editors and writers decided to start creating alternative
      universes where they could fart around with characters. So if they turn
      Wolverine, Hulk, Colossus, Spier-Man gay and that is popular, then they can
      bring him back into the official Marvel Universe as a gay character. Same
      thing with making established characters into clones, mutants, whatever. The
      people running Marvel have no creative vision, so all they have left is
      putting new wrinkles on old characters.

      Having alternative universes is what DC comics did back in the 1960s, and
      that Marvel is doing the same thing to such a major degree (forty years
      later) just goes to show how tapped out their creative well has become.

      If you like Marvel Comics, start around 1989 (or even earlier) and start
      buying back to the 1960s. Since sometime in the mid-1990s, Marvel Comics
      became the equivalent of Dell, Charlton, Gold Key, and Archie Comics if they
      had all been mutated together into something cheap and derivative.
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