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Re: adult superhero pics link for those that wish for em

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  • xyber692002
    This group is not for porn but a forum for discussing the comic books, the industry and characters. Porn inspired by comics is available in many other groups
    Message 1 of 42 , Oct 4, 2007
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      This group is not for porn but a forum for discussing the comic
      books, the industry and characters. Porn inspired by comics is
      available in many other groups & venues. Just Search.

      My 2 Cents..
      Kirilios Xian

      --- In DC_Comics_uncensored@yahoogroups.com, Karl Sloan
      <warhammer_one@...> wrote:
      > Note:::: I am not here to bully anyone. this is just to help out
      members of this group, and to give my opinion on some of
      the "pornbashing"(ie putting someone down and insulting them because
      they enjoy nude pics and sexual pics) that i have seen going on in
      > Here is a link to a very nice adult oriented superhero photo
      group...for those of us that wish to view such photos.
      > http://www.elistas.com/list/comeroticacorner
      > you will have to make a elistas account, but it is free and easy to
      do. No more difficult than signing up to yahoo or other sites.
      > I thought that giving a link to such a site would be much
      better than berating and insulting all of those in the group that
      might enjoy such photos..
      > I mean to actually give a link to what some of the group
      obviously wish to enjoy, instead of telling them how morally corrupt
      and sick they are...or how the pics are stupid, degrading, ect....
      > What a thought!
      > Just because some people in the group don't want to see them,
      doesn't give them the right to start insulting those that do.
      > I totally agree that the mod of the group has the say in what is
      posted here, but insults should not be tolerated either.
      > hopefully the link i provided will allow this thread to drop.
      > also, maybe some more good artists will post there as i am a
      > Guess that makes me a sicko, but you know what, i don't give a f%
      #@ about what someone whom has never met me might think...I am ok
      with me, my friends are ok with me, my family is ok with me, so
      anyone else that wishes to judge me, can just PISS OFF!
      > Some people essentially said "Oh boo hoo, i don't want to see
      pics of superheros in nude or sexual situations! it just makes me
      sick! And there are groups out there for pervs that do like them, so
      they should go there" (paraphrased from several posts, not an actual
      > Well, I don't tell anyone on here what makes me sick, an i don't
      want to know your psychological problems either.
      > sorry for the rant, but i really can't stand someone trying to tell
      someone that they are sick or deviant because of the kind of photos
      they enjoy, or the kind of stories they like to read...Hell, i like a
      good erotic story about some of my fav superheroines, and having a
      pic to match up with the story just makes it better..so remember
      > but insulting others and putting them down does make the person
      doing the insulting an ass!
      > as a after thought, this whole debate could have been avoided
      with a simple ratings guide like is used at most adult fanfiction
      sites(or even like the ones used by the mpaa uses) which could then
      be put in the subject line and that way those who only wish to view
      pg rated pics, could, and they could delete the ones that were rated
      as too "nasty" for their sensibilities.
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      > I am Prime!
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    • Al
      From: incloset68 Uncensored and pornographic are two
      Message 42 of 42 , Oct 6, 2007
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        From: "incloset68" <The group is called uncensored. If thats going to be the
        group title it should be uncensored. >

        Uncensored and pornographic are two different things. I recall reading about
        the rules of Zen Temples being very few because everyone was presumed to
        have some basic culture, civility, and morality. I guess that is what I was
        thinking when I called the group uncensored.

        This is a comic book group, not an adult porn group.
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