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my charcater of the month bio

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  • dutch8700
    Because people demanded it from my group i am doing the character bio s on a bi weekly basis now, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Hal Jordan was created by john
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2007
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      Because people demanded it from my group i am doing the character
      bio's on a bi weekly basis now,

      Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

      Hal Jordan was created by john broome and gil kane in 1959.
      Hal Jordan madeb his first appearance in showcase # 22 and was
      published by DC comics. Hal is the second hero to call himself Green
      lanternand is arguably the most famous green lantern. Hal Jordan
      followed in his fathers footsteps and become a test pilot, while
      testing a plane one day his cocpit was surronded by a green energy
      glow. he was brought to a crashed alien space ship and a dieing
      alien named Abin Sur. Sur knew he was dieing and used his ring to
      find someone who was "utterly honest and born withourt fear". Jordan
      took the ring and became the green lantern of earth where he battled
      many differnt foes, including star saphire, goldface, sinestro, evil
      star, hactor hammond and more. His ring was one of the most powerful
      weapons in the universe, it allowed the user to fly, create a
      protective aura around the user to protect him from the vaccume of
      space, and protect the user from harm and create objects fromt he
      users mind. the only weakness the ring had was the color Yelllow and
      a need to recharge the ring every 24 hrs from a green
      lantern's "battery". early on in his career he helped form one of
      the greatest superhero teams of all time, the Justice league of
      America, where along with superman, the flash, wonderwomen, batman
      and hawkman saved the world numerous times. Later Jordan would come
      to discover that he was not the only green lantern but part of a
      bigger intergalactic police force of the universe called the green
      lantern corp who were ruled by ancient immortal beings called the
      guardian's of the universe. Jordan was called to help the teh corps
      on many occations and rised in thier ranks until he was considered
      the greatest green lantern.
      Altough throughout his superhero career he was a shining
      example of heroism and selflessnesss, after the destruction of his
      home city by mongle and the cyborg superman, jordan asked his
      masters the guadians of the universe to use thier powers to bring
      back coast city and all the people who lived thier. the guardians
      denied his request, but jordan revolted and decided to take the
      power to bring back coast city. Jordan battled many of his friends
      in the green lantern corps, most of whom he recruited and trained
      himself. After seemingly killing his fellow corps man jordan arrived
      as the guardians home planet of OA where he absorbed the power of
      the main powersource of the green lanterns and killing his former
      masters. Jordan now became an almost all powerful being called
      Parrelex. Still obsessed with bringing back his home city he set in
      motion the "zero hour" event in which he destroyed the entire
      universe and tried to recreate it in his image. He was stopped by
      the Justice league and a few other surviving hero's including Hal's
      sole replacment for the green lantern corps, kyle rayner. Jordan was
      defeated and the universe war restored. Soon afterwards in the
      events of "the final night" the earth's sun was exstingished by a
      sun eater and Jordan returned to being a hero by sacraficing his
      life to reignite the sun and saving the people of earth. Because of
      his sacrafice and his past heroic deeds in "the day of judgement"
      mini series he was granted by higher powers a chance to redeem his
      soul by becoming the new spectre and changed the spirit of vengence
      into the spirit of redemtion but his career as the spectre was
      In the green lantern mini series "rebirth" Jordan was
      brought back to life and it was revealed that parrelex was
      really "an ancient parasitic spirit" that was the embodiment of
      fear, that the guardians inprisoned in the central power pattery and
      it was him that caused the yellow weakness in the rings. It was also
      revealed that Jordans madness was caused by parrellex when Jordans
      mind despared with coast city's destruction and parrellex was
      controling his actions. After parellex's defeat Jordan resumed his
      position in the green lantern ranks, but because of his past
      misdeeds he is mistrusted by his fellow lanterns and some members of
      the jsutice league and must once again regain thier trust.
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