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  • Doctor Robo
    Greetings once again everyone... it is time for another edition of HIPComix Happenings , your complete source for superheroine peril, bondage, mind control,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2007
      Greetings once again everyone... it is time for another edition
      of "HIPComix Happenings", your complete source for superheroine
      peril, bondage, mind control, and 3D comic erotica!

      In what has become a tradition at HIPComix we are pleased to announce
      a special holiday membership offer. From now until July 7, 2007 you
      can purchase a three day subscription to HIPComix.com for ONLY $2.99!
      For less than a dollar a day you will have access to over 11,000
      stimulating comic pages exclusive to HIPComix. If you're a comic book
      or peril fiction fan who wants a little more 'adult' action for his
      buck, now is your chance to see what we're all about. With a staff of
      nine artists and writers updating four times a week, there's always
      something new and interesting going on. So what are you waiting for?
      Join today and see just what all the buzz is about!

      To take advantage of the LIMITED TIME $2.99 offer use this link:

      As mentioned earlier, HIPComix is constantly updating its members
      area with new material for your viewing pleasure. Here is what is new
      at HIPComix just this week alone...

      From TIMO and MAX HASS:

      Welcome again to the breaking the bounds of reality mega maximum
      chapter update of The Justice Legion: Out of Time Special!

      This time, Timo didn't know where to stop. So he kept right on going
      until the page count for this chapter kept on climbing! You see, this
      is the point in the story where Doctor Benway gets her turn to
      explain her take on the period after her successful campaign against
      the Legion. So this is going to take far more than our standard
      update. Set aside some time because this update comes in at 80 pages!

      All of our characters are in this update, all of the stories that we
      have built over the last few years are pulled together as well as a
      special sneak peak at the next few month of updates are included as
      well. See how Ms. Midnite, her sister, Miss Midnite, Mega Girl and
      the entire Justice Legion meet their terrible ends. It's grim, it's
      terrible, it's the future! The supreme super-villainess, Dr. Benway
      wins it all!

      And she has a very special guest who is dying to know every little
      detail. After all, this party is has a vested interest in Doctor
      Benway's success. So stay close and pay attention.

      This extra large extra special chapter will mark the next to last one
      for Out of Time. We'll be moving the story along swiftly from this
      point forward. And with loads of action in mind for your future
      reading pleasure!

      So welcome to the end days. You'll be on the front row this week in
      this once in a lifetime special edition of Ms. Midnite and The
      Justice Legion!

      Also, this special update is also being made available for FREE in
      the HIPComix all star free sample gallery! Just visit
      http://free.hipcomix.com/gallery2/main.php and have a look. We will
      keep it posted until Midnight, July 04!

      From UROBOROS:

      With Red Venus naked and firmly secured on her display rack, Nemesis
      decides to turn her attention to other matters. With Red Venus and
      Ariel left alone, the busty heroine sees her chance to escape with
      help from her former sidekick, but Ariel has other plans...don't miss
      the hot action of Issue 8!

      From JPEGER:

      The battle is over, and Blunder Woman's clone is the winner. Now,
      with both power belts, and full power at her disposal, the clone uses
      the power in Blunder Woman's own HYPNOTIC ROPE to entrance her into a
      mindless pet... turning Blunder Woman into a helpless little puppy

      Episode 6 of "Blunder Woman vs. Blunder Woman" is now published in
      the members area at

      From BUKANAN:

      Some new techniques made their way into this issue.
      Also I am trying out a new rendering engine that allows me to
      incorporate some of my favorite things (EFFEX!!!) right into the
      actual render.
      Less post effects for me and some effects actually look better in 3D
      rather than post's 2D overlay.
      Anyway submitted for your approval I present HOMECOMING, Episode 3.

      Don't forget to check out our ever-growing FREE messageboard and
      gallery. With over 4,000 images it's one of the largest FREE 3D
      heroine comix galleries on the 'net! Stop on over to www.HIPComix.com
      today and see what we're all about!
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