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Re: [DCU] Batman vs. Spider-Man?

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  • oliver harper
    i m all right. but a movie Superman and Batman is possible. i think that this movie could be in the future, but we ll have to wait. First are the second
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 1, 2007
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      i'm all right. but a movie Superman  and  Batman  is possible. i think that this movie could be in the future, but we'll  have to wait. First are the second movies of each character.

      Brad Palmer <comickook@...> escribió:
      Not even a snowball's chance in blazes. Both characters are owned by different companies. Intercompany COMIC BOOK crossovers are ONE thing (and REASONABLY rare at that), but there is NO WAY DC and Marvel would cooperate enough to give the okay for a feature film using both Batman and Spider-Man. I mean, there might be a few short FAN movies someday, but NEVER a FEATURE film. In the extremely outside chance that somebody could talk DC AND Marvel into cooperating for a feature film, however, I would very much prefer it if they kept it down to ONE single villain who happens to be too powerful for Batman to handle alone and too smart for Spider-Man to handle alone. More than one main villain in a single movie just doesn't work storywise. 

      gods1pyro <gods1pyro@yahoo. com> wrote:
      Is there ever going to be a feature film made with Batman and Spider-Man?

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