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Help our support troops morale by sending a Comic Book Care Package!!!

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  • punisher_187_2000
    Does We Support Our Troops mean anything anymore? Let s prove that it does together!!!! Amazing Action Comics of Chula Vista is holding an Art Marathon to
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      Does "We Support Our Troops" mean anything anymore? Let's prove that
      it does together!!!!

      Amazing Action Comics of Chula Vista is holding an "Art Marathon" to
      support our troops and our schools, starting today, Monday, 04/30/07!

      For a month, Amazing Action Comics has been offering The "Comic Care
      Package" Program, which sends 20 comic books to soldiers, sailors,
      schools, hospitals... any place where showing of love and support
      are needed! The $20.00 cost of each package covers the comics, CA
      sales tax, and S/H!

      Sadly, turn-out has been painfully slow.

      The importance of this not-for-profit program is to bring comfort
      and healing to 20 U.S. military or kids per package that are going
      to think "Who's the cool person thinking about me?" That's why
      there's a note card on the back of every comic identifying the
      person, family, or business that sent the "Comic Care Package"!

      Today, Monday, 04/30/07, we take a stand for all of those who need
      to hear from all of us! From 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., at Amazing
      Action Comics, (corner of Broadway and F, next to the Bobar Gas
      Station) 600 F St., Ste. E, Chula Vista, CA 91910, every person who
      orders a "Comic Care Package" will receive a free portrait drawn by
      our very own in-house artist Sean "Doc Comics" Ortega! That's a
      $50.00 value - for free!!!

      Our goal is 1,000 "Comic Care Packages" each day -- that translates
      into 20,000 of our troops and our children will know that someone
      special is thinking about them!

      Are our troops worth at least a dollar? Are our kids worth at least
      that? In what sometimes seems like a 'Grey Age' of sadness and
      despair, let's all stand together for at least one day and give hope
      to those who give so much and mean so much to us!

      We look forward to seeing you today for this epic celebration! Gift
      packs will also be supplied to all of those in attendance! Be a real
      superhero! Send a "Comic Care Package" today!

      Store Phone: 619-498-0445
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