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  • Richard J.
    Jan 7, 2007
      I don't think there your second group really exists.

      Anyone who is going to be outraged by something they see in a comic
      book and perhaps quit buying that book, nine times out of ten, wasn't
      into reading comic books to begin with.

      I remember stopping reading comic book titles because they got overly
      repetitive; usually it was the Peter Parker syndrome.

      Omega the Unknown, Cyborg in the Teen Titans, Nova in his own title.

      They all went "I'm a worthless hero, good for nothing." It got

      But with your examples, I've been reading comic books since the
      1970s, and there have been endless characters dealing with devil
      possession, demonology and the sexual preference card will be played
      every generation, the same way tv and the movies do it; it will
      be 're-discovered' and 'be a breakthrough, because no other character
      has ever done this before'.

      But religion? Dr. Strange calling on Hoggoth or the Vishanti, Raven
      worshipping Azar, Starfire worshipping X'hal and all of those other
      beings, they were make believe.

      Endless characters calling on various forms of make-believe religion,
      all through-out the Legion, everywhere else, this character was a
      living god, that character had the powers of God.

      Not to mention all of the Thor and Hercules images as well.

      Now I'm not denouncing these, but how much Christian or Jewish
      imagery was there?

      Nil. Next to none.

      If anything, it was a priest with a gun or a robot nun.

      I actually have an issue of ARchie At Riverdale High that did push
      Christian religion from 1974.

      I saw this book 30 years ago, remembered it and tracked it down.
      Clearly this issue is what led to ARchie comics doing the Christian
      comic books they did back then, but we didn't have overwhelming
      access to those books.

      But what few of those I have read and seen, they were well done.

      I read Son of Satan and Dracula. Guess what? I don't worship the
      devil. Never have, never will.

      I could have read Christian messages in comic books back then and I
      don't think I would have been converted, brainwashed or anything else
      like that.

      I could have read Jewish or Muslim text as well with a superhero and
      they could have been the same.

      My thinking is people who object so much to Christian religion are
      more subjective than those who possess some knowledge and
      understanding of religion.

      I also used to think those who crowed louder about religious messages
      feared it most because deep down, they believed some aspect of it.

      --- In DC_Comics_uncensored@yahoogroups.com, "aerotendo"
      <aerotendo@...> wrote:
      Good points to all and I think that for the most part, people either
      fall into two categories. 1. Shocked briefly and then continue on with
      life or 2. Shocked, think about it, and then get outraged before they
      possibly cry out about it on some personal level.
      I fall into the first category for the most part and I've been reading
      comics for over 20 years so there really isn't much that they can do
      at this point to shock or surprise me to a great extent.

      So, whether a character changes religion peacefully, gets transformed
      into a demon by trickery, or suddenly announces their sexual
      preference... it should all be taken as what it really is. People
      choosing through their own mind to be what they want to be, not
      because they thought *you* would want them to be that way.

      So yeah... religion and life and existance all go hand-in-hand
      but don't ever let things get too out of control. That's all I'm
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