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7349Batgirl makeover

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  • darci386
    Jul 23, 2014
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      From http://www.refinery29.com/2014/07/71003/batgirl-makeover

      Batgirl Gets A Hipster Makeover — Do Not Adjust Your Screen

      If you live in Brooklyn, keep your eyes open. You might just see Batgirl waiting for a scoop of artisanal miso cherry ice cream.

      On Thursday, DC Comics announced that Barbara Gordon is getting a drastic new look, after a story in which she loses everything in a fire and must rebuild her life. Where does the young heroine decide to set up shop? In Burnside of course, Gotham's trendy neighborhood that's populated by young professionals and artists.

      In other words: Brooklyn.

      “That’s where we kick off our run,” co-writer Brenden Fletcher told MTV. “Introducing this part of the city known for expensive coffee, fixie bikes, vintage shops and breakout bands.”

      Of course, if Batgirl is going to fight crime in the Capital of Cool, she'll have to look the part. That's where her new leather jacket and track pants come in, courtesy of illustrator Babs Tarr.

      The new series will see its first issue released on October 8, with Batgirl #35. Prediction for her first adventure? Batgirl discovers that a local chef's pork belly isn't actually farm-to-table as advertised, and all hell breaks loose. We can't wait. (Entertainment Weekly)



      wellsoul2 • 12 days ago
      DC reboots characters too much. If you care about the character you want some
      continuity, not to guess who they are today.

      Suk_m3_h47d wellsoul2 • 12 days ago
      Then that would make Batgirl what, 57 today?

      vangpo Suk_m3_h47d • 11 days ago
      Agree wellsoul12. That's why I stopped reading DC Comics. Nothing goes on more than a few years before its reboot time again.

      Vloggerazzi • 13 days ago
      Seems like every few years they keep re-inventing Supergirl and Batgirl and make the heroes worse with each new comic. I understand the need to reboot some of original DC comic superheroes so they fit into the present but some of the New 52 reboots are awful.

      Jeff Chapman Vloggerazzi • 12 days ago
      DC doesnt know what to do with female characters.

      Bear • 12 days ago
      is that her taking a selfie? lol ... so she's going to have a twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. account while fighting crime. i don't think Batman will like that.

      Alessandra Bear • 12 days ago
      DC Comics is doing a series of "selfie" themed variant covers on their titles in August. It has nothing to do with anything that happens inside the book.

      Joshua Paul Hawkins • 13 days ago
      This is what you call UNFORTUNATE.

      devilman • 13 days ago
      DC is killing their books. There goes another one I won't read. One of the worst ideas they are doing.

      Al Saulinsky • 12 days ago
      I liked the new "body armor" suit that they rolled out for most of their characters. It made way more sense than running around in spandex, especially the non metahuman ones like Batman and his "family". Of course they couldn't leave well enough alone. Sigh.

      Rob • 13 days ago
      they're trying to appeal to female consumers.

      Tired • 12 days ago
      Let me guess, she's gay now too?

      Leila Brillson Tired • 12 days ago
      She was already gay! When she was Oracle in the early aughts!

      A_to_Z • 12 days ago
      It could be worse - they could have went the route of G.I. Joe and have her fight for the U.N. My childhood 12" tall bearded G.I. with talking pull string and speaker built into his chest is turning his grave at just the thought of it. The 45 rpm G.I. adventure records with comic book that I had a as a kid could not even be printed today due to political correctness (i.e., ignorance).

      Dave Bowen • 12 days ago
      Yet another New 52 story, yet another reason I'm glad I stopped reading DC...

      Dante • 12 days ago
      This is a gimmick for an immediate sales boost for a faltering title, and I doubt the idea-men behind it expect it to last very long. They do this kind of thing with different characters all the time and they just revert back to form after a few months to a year. This redesign, in particular, is focused so much on current trends that it can't and won't last. Hold your breath, wait for this storm to pass, and hopefully someone with talent will come up with a decent storyline when it's all over. Short-term band-aid solutions to low sales only last as long as they can come up with something more profound or, they think, the low-sales trend will last. Comic books are a business, as evidenced by Marvel's movie success, and dollars are the goal, especially for long-standing characters that they know will not be permanently damaged by short-term kitch.

      Harry • 12 days ago
      Bring Back Cassie!

      Jere Artus • 12 days ago
      Brooklyn is not all hipsters. They should be more concise and say "Williamsburg, Brooklyn". That is like saying that Miami is all Cubans and Texas is all cowboys.

      cuteycindyhoney • 12 days ago
      I like the new look.

      jake • 12 days ago
      To be politically correct, she and Supergirl are lesbians

      seanotron • 12 days ago
      This costume is actually pretty great, IMO. Much better than the skin-tight crap she's usually put in.

      Takane Shijou • 12 days ago
      Well, this looks like shit.

      bart007 • 12 days ago
      I have been reading all the New 52 DC and the Bat series of books have been my favorites and now this - really, making her a hipster makes her more relevant to their readers?

      craig scott • 11 days ago
      im glad i stopped collecting comics when the new 52 started.

      APM1969 • 12 days ago
      Of course Gotham is based on Chicago. Metropolis is based on New York. But whatever makes your story work, right?

      vangpo APM1969 • 11 days ago
      You do realize Gotham means New York right? Metropolis is based on Chicago. You're bass ackwards.

      Me • 11 days ago
      DC sux already ,they should just hand over their properties to Marvel

      J. Ronald Jenkins • 11 days ago
      Ya gotta change with the times.
      At least they didn't change her powers... oh yeah. Nevermind.

      vangpo J. Ronald Jenkins • 11 days ago
      Change with the times? So like every other year huh?

      Fel Atio • 12 days ago
      What happen to her paralyzed body?

      Jason Walker • 12 days ago
      That costume looks like a pain in the @$$ to draw. Have fun babs.

      MCJohnson Jason Walker • 12 days ago
      It's like Batgirl is wearing a "Members Only" jacket - Awful

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