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7343Re: Ask Chris #172: 'The Problem"

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  • Edward Bebee
    Jun 27, 2014
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      Darci sez:
      >His anecdote about Jack Kirby moving to DC seems incomplete to me. As I recall it, Kirby asked for the Jimmy Olsen book so he'd be left alone to do as he wanted.

              That's my understanding as well.

              I've read a few interviews with Kirby (I've read Infantino's book but I don't remember his POV) that Infantino was driving the "hire Kirby" effort and he wanted Kirby to eventually work on most of DC's flagship characters the way he at least touched most of the characters at Marvel. 

              The assignment Infantino was pushing was Superman.  But Kirby wanted to do his own thing and he wasn't interested in working within DC or anybody's continuity. The eventual compromise was Jimmy Olsen becauseā€¦.

      a) Superman had a number of long term writers and artists and Kirby didn't want to be responsible for their being out of work.
      b) Jimmy Olsen was the lowest selling Superman book.

              There are other facts and timing issues that the article writer messes up but focussing on his main argument -- DC wants to be Marvel -- that has some traction in my mind.

              There is an interview online with Dan DiDio done by Kevin Smith (Fatman on Batman podcast) where DiDio says his first job under Levitz was to spend 1-2 years deconstructing Marvel, mainly how they built their universe, and what learning could be applied to DC.

              I also note that many of the people responsible for 1990's Marvel/pre-Quesada era Marvel are now in charge of DC's comics.

              I give to DC this observationā€¦.

      "There are no cover bands in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."
      -- Scott Ginsberg

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