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  • Darci
    Apr 26, 2014
      Apr 20 at 2:45 PM

      Ant Lucia Gives The Women of DC Comics A Retro Makeover for ‘Bombshells’ Prints

      by Betty Felon April 18, 2014 5:00 PM

      Tapping into the popular DC Bombshells statues line from DC Collectibles, QMx has released a set of prints of Ant Lucia’s conceptual artwork featuring DC’s favorite heroines and villainesses in the style of mid-century pin-ups. Lucia channels Alberto Vargas’ trademark pin-up style while capturing the strength and beauty of the likes of Wonder Woman, Catwoman, et al; and the result is a fun, sexy, and chic makeover of DC’s finest. This artwork will be also used for DC Bombshell-themed variant covers for DC’s current series in June 2014.
      Ever since the release of the DC Bombshells Supergirl statue last year, Lucia’s redesigns have been a hit with collectors and cosplayers alike, with the line of statues quickly expanding and with fans emulating these stylishly retro makeovers of Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and more.
      What I find particularly appealing about the DC Bombshells is the attention to fashion and design. I love how Lucia translated a character’s signature style into a retro pin-up look. Wonder Woman’s classic digs are reinvented as a Rosie the Riveter homage, with high-waisted star button sailor shorts and a golden bandanna in place of her tiara. Batgirl gets an aviator-styled cowl, while Mera gets a sailor beach bunny makeover.
      Two of the most inspired redesigns in the collection are definitely the retro futuristic Hawkgirl with a winged jetpack and a rockabilly Black Canary (where Dinah Lance looks like an extra from Cry-Baby, complete with a Green Arrow tattoo). Although some of these redesigns stray from canon, I would love to see the DC Bombshells in action, even in a one-shot compilation of stories about each character, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment.

      William Desmond Gafford ·  Top Commenter · Archives and Data Management Assistant at IntroAmerica
      These are fantastic and I wish DC would make some of these as statues.
      April 18 at 7:13pm

      Tony Duncan · Works at Nerdy Stuffs
      They do. I'm looking at the Wonder Woman and Supergirl ones in my store right now.
      April 18 at 9:18pm

      Eric Butler · Part Time Package Handler at United Parcel Service
      I would like to see an DC Bombshells animated movie.
      Yesterday at 2:51am

      Jill Katz · Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      I love Ant's work! He's amazing!
      22 hours ago

      Nathan Veyron ·  Top Commenter · Public Relations Officer(P.R.O) at UMBRELLA CORPORATION
      If they were a variant set of covers for a series of comic books.. I'd buy all of em.
      22 hours ago

      Joe Regalado · Pikes Peak Community College
      There is a 16th month calendar coming out this june/july.
      19 hours ago

      Nathan Veyron ·  Top Commenter · Public Relations Officer(P.R.O) at UMBRELLA CORPORATION
      Joe Regalado Sold!
      13 hours ago

      Vic Loasby ·  Top Commenter
      I posted these on Tuesday. No one ever credits my site. Where do you think all the people on tumblr got them? **Le Sigh**
       As long as the artist get's properly credited though I don't care.
      18 hours ago

      Shad Schroeder ·  Top Commenter · Seoul, Korea
      Really marvelous. He really captured Harley's insanity. I wish I had this kind of talent.
      11 hours ago