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7327Re: [DCU] Flash returns to TV?

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  • David McMahon
    Apr 1, 2014
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      Yep, it is being spun off from the Arrow TV series where Barry Allen did a two episode appearance.

      On 4/1/2014 12:30 PM, Edward Bebee wrote:
      An article in the New York Times Sunday on Warner Brothers' CEO seems to be confirming a Flash TV series.

      Doing some googling turned up a cast list for the pilot. Not mentioned (but I saw elsewhere) John Wesley Snipes (The Flash from the 90's series) will have a role as well.

      �The Flash� has cast in known roles Candice Batton as Iris West, daughter to Jesse L. Martin�s Detective West, along with Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, better known as DC character Vibe. �The Vampire Diaries� star Rick Cosnett will portray Central City Police transfer Detective Eddie Thawne, who most likely corresponds to �Flash� comic villain and time-traveler Eobard Thawne, better known as �Professor Zoom� or �Reverse Flash.� Danielle Panabaker will play Caitlin Snow, a highly intelligent bioengineering expert who lost her fianc� during an explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs and is an incarnation of DC villain Killer Frost.

      NYT article here:

      Casting from here:

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