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7286Mr Terrific and vol 1 of Mind Games -- help!

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  • Jonathan Hunter-Kilmer
    Nov 19, 2013
      According to the synopsis of the book, Michael Holt is the 3rd most intelligent man in the world.  What happened?  Who are numbers 1 and 2?  Holt is a favorite of mine.  Last I heard -- which was a few years ago -- he was the most intelligent man in the world.

      Is this part of the latest "Crisis" garbage that I'm hearing about?


      "Ignorance ain't not knowin stuff.  Ignorance is knowing stuff that ain't true."  Josh Billings

      " . . . and then I thought of something my grandmother used to say to me.  'Mervyn,'she'd say, 'don't be an idiot.'"-- Merv Griffin

      Bird:"Hi, I'm an Apterix, a wingless bird with hairy feathers."
      Rock: "And here I was feeling sorry for myself."  -- Johnny Hart

      "What are you, a tough guy?"
      "As a matter of fact, I am."
                                     -- Robert Parker

      My grandson, John Paul, was born on July 15th, 2010.  8 lbs 6oz,

      My granddaughter, Cecilia Therese, was born 01/28/11.  7lbs 13 oz.

      My granddaughter, Charlotte Ann, was born 09/12/12.

      My grandchildren, twin girls named Mary Claire and Elizabeth Anna, were born 11/14/12.
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