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7227"Dan Spiegle: A Life In Art" books ships May 29

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  • jdcoates@bellsouth.net
    May 26 7:49 PM
      All – shameless plug. Portions of the profits go to Heroes
      Initiative, ( http://heroinitiative.org/ <http://heroinitiative.org/>
      ), a non-profit that helps comic-creators through financial, health and
      other issues.

      Dan Spiegle: A Life In Art

      "Dan Spiegle is one of the most respected—and hardest
      working—comic artists of the last sixty years, with a career
      spanning the Golden Age of comics through the Modern era. From his
      beginnings on the Hopalong Cassidy newspaper strip, to his thirty-year
      tenure on Dell and Gold Key's licensed TV and Movie adaptions (Lost
      in Space, Korak, Magnus Robot Fighter, Mighty Sampson, Buck Rogers),
      Dan's work is admired by fans and professionals alike. During the
      1980s, he worked at DC Comics on Batman, Unknown Soldier, Tomahawk,
      Jonah Hex, Teen Titans, and the fan-favorite reboot of Blackhawk (taking
      the character back to its World War II roots), as well as his popular
      Crossfire series for Eclipse Comics, Dark Horse's Indiana Jones
      series, and more. In this book, author John Coates documents Dan's
      entire life in comics, through interviews filled with insight into the
      comic industry, colorful anecdotes of meeting celebrities, plus an
      examination of Dan's artistic process from script to finished
      drawing, as well as personal reflections by Dan's family on growing
      up with a father in comics. It includes dozens of images of Dan's
      work, along with personal photos of family and industry peers, and
      numerous private commission drawings. If you've read comics between
      the mid-1950s through the 2000s, you've probably enjoyed a comic
      with Dan's art—now learn about his life in comic art. Includes a
      color section, a Foreword by longtime collaborator Mark Evanier, and an
      Afterword by Sergio Aragones!"

      Order today –


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