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7221RE: [DCU] Re: If a Flash Movie was Ever Made Which one Should be used?

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  • Christian
    Mar 27, 2013
      Reverse Flash is one of those villains that’s all about foreshadowing.
      Movies seem to love that as it makes plenty of room for a sequel, while
      adding darkness and foreboding to the current story. So, you get a twisted
      version of the Flash, hell bent on doing this to prevent/ cause some
      disastrous events in the future. Possibly not even our future but a link to
      a multiverse, that our hero could look to defend as the Capstone in a

      Or you could just have the Trickster...


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      Christian sez:
      >Mirror Master purely for the huge number of visual effects they could pull
      off. Not to mention the growing terror every time the cast passed anything

      I like it.

      >Reverse Flash again for the visuals, but also to his unhinged nature and
      hints that he is looking a bigger picture form the future.<

      I'd rather see Savitar but Reverse Flash is more likely as Hollywood likes
      more obvious "opposites" to fight their heroes.

      --> e
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