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7212Re: [DCU] Re: If a Flash Movie was Ever Made Which one Should be used?

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  • Dan Rosa
    Feb 22, 2013
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      Totally agree... WALLY!
      My idea:
      Origin stories have been done to death and DC could do something really original with a WALLY/FLASH movie that deals with bigger ideas of acceptance, legacy, being a hero versus having the title of hero, while still being Fast, Funny, and Moving

      Setup Barry with an intro like Watchman so that Flash the hero is established and begin with Wally trying to fill Barry's boots, struggling to live up to a legend.   I'd also throw in the idea of Flash as a celebrity with Wally eating it up until his failures make him question whether or not he deserves such praise and play that through the story as he becomes a real hero.
      For a main villain I'd use Savitar. His mystical/religious interpretation of the Speed Force would be interesting to see played off of a down to earth, celeb Wally. Begin with street level action against the Rogues and have Savitar’s speed ninjas interrupt and escalate things.  Max Mercury would be Wally’s mentor. I love his origin story and I thing his flashbacks about time travel would work extremely well on film. He’d introduce time travel and the speed force to Wally and by the end of the story he’d master them both.
      Imagine…a climatic ending with Wally being pursued by Savitar, entering the Speed Force for the first time, seeing Barry, traveling to see his younger self as he’s thrown through time just like in Flash 0, Remembering Linda and returning to her.  Boom perfect ending.  Cliff Hanger with Zoom, or whole Gorilla City with Grodd
      Do it DC, WB, Geoff!
      Dan Rosa

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      Subject: [DCU] Re: If a Flash Movie was Ever Made Which one Should be used?

      I'd love see Wally be the movie.

      The whole idea of trying to live up to his role model's example I thought worked as a motivation and is something people can relate to.

      Barry never really struck me as having a motivation for what he did. He was/is just some guy who got super powers through a fluke and had no reason to be a vigilante.

      It's like tripping on the sidewalk and finding a harmonica where you fell. You don't suddenly feel motivated to pick it up and become a folk singer. If you did, friends and family would stage an intervention :)

      Jason sez:
      > Also which super villain do you think they should use?

      Grodd. No real reason other than I just like him.

      --> e

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