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7211Re: If a Flash Movie was Ever Made Which one Should be used?

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  • Edward Bebee
    Feb 22, 2013
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      I'd love see Wally be the movie.

      The whole idea of trying to live up to his role model's example I thought worked as a motivation and is something people can relate to.

      Barry never really struck me as having a motivation for what he did. He was/is just some guy who got super powers through a fluke and had no reason to be a vigilante.

      It's like tripping on the sidewalk and finding a harmonica where you fell. You don't suddenly feel motivated to pick it up and become a folk singer. If you did, friends and family would stage an intervention :)

      Jason sez:
      > Also which super villain do you think they should use?

      Grodd. No real reason other than I just like him.

      --> e

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