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  • Steve
    Jan 30, 2013
      Well first are you looking to Buy trades, Digital, or Single issues?

      A great site to buy and track your collection is ComicCollectorLive.com, I can find just about any back issue I'm looking for there.

      My personal favorite Stories involving Superman are as Follows

      1. Death of Superman (Action Comics 684, Adventures of Superman 497, Justice League America 69, Superman 74,75, Superman the Man of Steel
      2. Funeral for a Friend (Action Comics 685,686, Adventures of Superman 498, 499,500, Justice League America 70, Superman 76,77,83, Superman the
      Man of Steel 20,21)
      3. Bizarro's World (Action Comics 697, Adventures of Superman 510, Superman 87,88, Superman the Man of Steel 32)

      4. Camelot Falls (Superman 657,658,659,660,661,662,663,664,665,667, Superman Annual 13)

      5. Reign of Doomsday (Action Comics 900,901,902,903,904, Justice League of America 55, Outsiders 37, Steel 1, Superboy 6, Superman/Batman
      Annual 5)
      6. Secret Origin (Superman Secret Origin 1,2,3,4,5,6)

      7. Wedding of Lois and Clark (Superman 50, Superman The Weddng Album 1, Superman The Wedding Album Collectors set 1)

      8. Superman/Doomsday Hunter/ Prey (Superman/Doomsday Hunter/Prey 1,2,3)

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      Rowland sez:
      > Where would a beginner collector of superman comics start(year,etc)? Any trustworthy sources of comics on the internet?

      For a source of comics online, maybe start with comixology.com and itunes (they carry graphic novels in addition to video, etc)

      Where to start is a tough one. There's obviously lots to choose from.

      I'd be tempted to start with "All-Star Superman" by Grant Morrison.

      It's a good mix of drama, comedy and moments of awe that focus not just on super stunts but on why Superman is Superman and other guys with similar powers aren't.

      --> e

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