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7187Re: [DCU] Re: Man Of Steel Trailer 2 Trailer

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  • David McMahon
    Jan 15, 2013
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      Actually, in the 70s and maybe very late 60s, it was shown that he used
      part of the mirrored window from his rocketship to shave. He would
      focus his heat vision on it and have it reflect on his face, burning off
      his stubble and keeping his hair somewhat short. Trimming the hair on
      the back of his head must have been fun!

      On 1/15/2013 11:06 PM, Christopher Logan Hanssen wrote:
      > Sopped?? I didn't know Superman sopped??!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
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      > As far as origins go, I agree one hundred percent. I don't even think
      > you'd
      > need to do an origin story for a new Superman movie, just take the
      > character
      > wherever you want him to go. Everyone knows who he is and where he came
      > from.
      > However, it was only the golden and silver age Superman that didn't grow
      > beards. To get around the problem of his hair being invulnerable and
      > therefore
      > uncuttable, it was stated that his beard did not grow at all, and that the
      > hair
      > on his hair only grew to a certain length, then sopped growing.
      > In the 80's (after the big reboot back then) it was stated that Clark's
      > beard
      > did grow and that it took him a while to figure out how to shave. He
      > would
      > direct his heat vision onto his beard via a mirror and burn/melt the beard
      > and
      > moustache off his face.
      > Don't think this has been addressed in the New 52, though.
      > Dave
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      > As of right now, I'm waiting for DVD. I haven't seen anything in the
      > trailers
      > yet that even remotely look like superman. How does an alien grow a beard?
      > In
      > the comics none of the krpytonians have beards, even on Kandor. And we all
      > by
      > now know superman, did we need an origin story again? Same complaint i had
      > with
      > Amazing Spider-Man, and it took 80% of the movie to create spider-man
      > again,
      > which we just saw in 1998 or whenever that was.
      > .
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