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7174Re: [DCU] Re: Before Watchmen writer Brian Azzarello | Interview outtakes

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  • Darci
    Nov 19, 2012
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      I imagine you're actually replying to where I wrote"I notice he doesn't mention how Jack Kirby felt about the way DC treated him and his creations.  Very circumspect.  I guess that's a good idea, don't jeopardize a paycheck."  I think DC now holds up their allowances for Siegel and Shuster as good PR.  They don't mention that it was Neal Adams' holding them up to public ridicule that basically blackmailed them into paying them.  I agree with you that Alan Moore hasn't made it any easier to supports his complaints.  Neither of these issues have to do with Brian Azzarello's attitude.  What may have something to do with it is what Dan Didio said to him.  I can easily imagine Dan encouraging Brian to throw the baby out with the bath water.

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      Darci sez:
      >I guess we know who we're dealing with here: Mr. "I don't care what anyone says or what anyone has done before me" Azzarello.

      I'm not sure that's totally fair. He does mention Siegel & Shuster.

      Alan Moore is a different case. Moore can be difficult to deal with and holds extreme opinions and grudges. The comics industry -- the companies, fans and press -- have treated him with reverence and kid gloves for decades and in the intervening years he's becomes a bitter old man who spits on everyone in interviews.

      I really like & still buy his work. I used to have a lot of sympathy for his position but it's hard to maintain as he's gone off the rails in recent years.

      He's on record as saying that since his early works, comics have done nothing significant and they will never become "literature".

      However, one only has to read a work like Habibi to know comics already are literature and the medium has left Moore behind.

      And it's not like Moore has respect for other creators like J.M Barrie whose characters he used and went out of his way to avoid paying royalties for.

      None of this justifies DC's or even Marvel's treatment of him but Moore makes it as difficult as possible to take his side of things. If Azzarello has no sympathy, I can't blame him.

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