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7170Re: [DCU] The Green Arrow has a TV Show Called Arrow on CW

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  • Vidente
    Oct 14, 2012
      I saw the pilot Friday night when they rebroadcast it. They've gone
      "dark" which is now all the style for superheroes and it looks like the
      back story is going to be much more complicated than Batman's.

      More interesting yet, it looks like DC is going to reboot Green Arrow
      (again!) to make it coincide with the CW version. Just released is
      Arrow #1 which makes it seem as if Green Arrow 1 - 12 didn't happen.
      Which may be a good thing. After all, DC has a habit of adapting their
      comics to make them conform to the portrayals of other media.


      On 10/14/2012 12:04 PM, Jason wrote:
      > First episode was this last Wednesday. I'm going to wach it.
      > I saw a trailer of it, and it reminded me of Batman Begins. The Super
      > Villain Deathstroke will be appearing.

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