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7136Re: [DCU] Re: Did the Green Lantern Movie Discourge DC from Making other Non BatsSupes Movies

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  • Alexisandra Phaithe
    Jun 15 11:25 AM
      Couldn't agree more about The GL Movie - :P  Personally, I'm a purist as to adaptation - you only change what was truly confusing or slow or bad in the original.  In that movie, they both massively simplified the story, but garbled a fair amount of it.  And come on...where was Ving Rhames as John Stewart, and/or David Spade or Ben Stiller as Guy Gardner - while we're at it, add in Shia Leboeuf as Kyle Radner?!

      Don't even get me started on the scene where (*SPOILERS*) a group of GLs are going to fight Parallax and all of a sudden they're all the "green shirts"?!  (well, "red shirts" for GL would sound stupid)

      No way they'd send less than their best.  That would mean that Kilowog would have died.

      Oh, and my opinion is that Christopher Judge (Teal'c - "Stargate:  'SG-1'"), Tony Todd (Candyman - "Candyman"), or even Will Smith would have been better Kilowogs.


      From: Greg Ramirez <grrandram@...>
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      Subject: Re: [DCU] Re: Did the Green Lantern Movie Discourge DC from Making other Non BatsSupes Movies

      you're allowed to feel how you feel about that movie or any movie.  I liked The Dark Knight better than Begins.  As far as Green Lantern, the story sucked.

      From: alexisandra_phaithe <alexisandra_phaithe@...>
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      Subject: [DCU] Re: Did the Green Lantern Movie Discourge DC from Making other Non BatsSupes Movies

      I'm absolutely sure it did. That movie sucked royally, to use the technical term. I thought, with the recent "War Of The Spectrum Of Light"/"The War Of Light" - in the comics, that they would have gotten it right, especially with so many fans ready to tear them apart if they messed up - and with Disney/Marvel doing so well with most of their endeavours. Heck - they even cast a fellow Canuck as they needed some real acting talent...KIDDING, JUST KIDDING...for one, Ryan Reynolds isn't that great an actor.

      DC really needs to step it up. They have enough potential to do a great, new origin/introductory movie for all of its standard members of JLA, JLI, and even JLU - either the "Batman Beyond", or the "JLU"
      series. Or some combination of both. Time travel is usually great in these movies.

      as for the non-Bats films...I know I'm probably vastly in the minourity with this, but "The Dark Knight" was one of the worst films I ever saw - after "Batman Beyond" was what I would call a flawless movie.

      I know I'll get flak for saying that, but it really didn't work for me.


      - Lexi

      --- In DC_Comics_Uncensored@yahoogroups.com, "Jason" <nightavenger25@...> wrote:
      > As in lesser Known Super heroes that are not from Wonder Woman, Superman, or Batman.
      > Common Sense would say yes. But two bombs for the last Christopher Reeve Superman series did not stop them from making a abysmal loose sequel that is Superman Returns which was also rehashing Superman but making changes to try to make it original.
      > Even with the worst movie in Batman history that could have destroyed any chance to return to the big screen still they finally got it right with Batman Begins.
      > It's new territory for DC making big screen movies of lesser known super heroes. They didn't hit a home run with Green Lantern but doesn't mean they can't learn from it if they still decide to make a Flash movie.

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