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7117Re: [DCU] Wonder Woman Retcon?

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  • Darci
    Jan 11, 2012
      OTOH, I recall a time prior to the retcon that Diana's origin echoed the one in Ovid's Metamorphosis, etc.  I never liked the retcon, and am glad to see it gone.  I'd have picked another father besides Zeus, however.  He has too many illegitimate offspring, as you note.

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      I'm wondering what the reaction is to the recent change in WW's history in that she is no longer made of Clay and magic, but just another product of a dalliance between Hypolita and Zeus? I think it's a HUGE devaluing of the character since a large part of her appeal has to do with her magic based-otherworldliness. This also negates SO many factors in her history!

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