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6950[DCU] Re: movies and interest to kids

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  • xmscity1225
    Jul 1, 2011
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      Wizards and mythical medieval kingdoms have been a staple of children's literature for quite a while . . . World War II, however, becomes more remote to kids as time passes.

      I remember when there were plenty of comic books, TV shows, movies, and toys that were connected with World War II when I was a kid. But the again, it was still "recent history" then, and my Dad was one of those who served during WWII.

      Now, however, there's less overall exposure to the second World War . . . more and more veterans are passing away, and kids these days may have had a grandfather or (perhaps more likely) great-grandfather who might have been alive during the war years, but they probably have as much of a connection to WWII as my generation maybe had with WWI or the Spanish-American War. (And how much WWII history is taught in schools these days? Do they have time to cover that period with all the other things they're supposedly learning? When I was a substitute teacher in middle school (grades 5/6 - 8), they didn't make it beyond possibly the U.S. Civil War.)

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      So how would 'kids' relate to the Indiana Jones movies of the 1980s (which took place 40 years previously)? How do 'kids today' relate to Lord Of The Rings which takes place in a mythical medieval kingdom?
      The buzz on Captain America is white hot while WB deliberately imposed a news blackout on GL until it's release.- That was quite telling-
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