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63Re: What Is Your Local Comic Shop Like?

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  • michael lindsey
    Jul 3, 2005
      Sounds like you have a shop like the ones I go to. We have two here
      in Fort Wayne, one owned by one guy, the other by his sister. They
      have done so well by me that I cross advertise for them at my video
      game shop. I walk in, my order is on the counter waiting for me by
      the time I get to it. If I call they go out of their way to make
      sure that they can find what I am lookin for. Also with the amount
      of books I subscribe to I get a 20% discount, but they will also
      extend it to any other new title I happen to sample even if I decide
      I don't want a subscription to it. They honestly make it fun for me
      to spend my money there.

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      > > So what brings you back to your local shop?> NOthing.
      > >
      > > Here in South Florida the local Comic Shop owners always seemed
      > hire annoying long-haired, tattooed, earinged, pot-head/druggie
      > types to run their shops. Most of the time these druggies would
      > out of the HOT issues because they did not order enough, so they
      > would raise the price and sell some from the subscriber bags.
      > >
      > > The only way to avoid it seemed to be to kiss thier ass and buy
      > them pizza on Dleivery Days, which some collectors did. If you did
      > not stand around and tell them how wonderful they were, they would
      > always screw up your weekly Comic Book subscriptions by leaving
      > anything that was HOT.
      > >
      > > So after a couple of years of consistenly missing
      the "rare" "HOT"
      > issues at various local shops I stopped collecting comic books. It
      > is a pain in the ass to have most of a series and then have to pay
      > top dollar for the missing HOT issue that the comic-bookstore-geek
      > did not put in the bag because he saved extras for his friend or
      > sold it at a higher price, etc.
      > >
      > > BTW, my personal fantasy would be a SWAT team whose job is to
      > pot-heads at comic book stores and preferably beat them like
      > mules on the way to jail after trashing the store and leaving the
      > doors open for looters.
      > >
      > > So AFAIAC, any Mom & Pop that hires geeks to run the store
      > go out of business. There is a reason people buy online, and it is
      > not really much cheaper unless you only get your comics mailed
      > monthly by Media Mail. Who wants to read the comic books a month
      > after they are on the stands? The people that are tired of putting
      > up with bad service and bad attitude at the local shops.
      > Guess i'm alucky one. Here in Abilene there are two comic shops i
      > frequent. The larger one is owned by Larry, and he is the man.
      > Orders enough HOT comics for his loyal customers and walk-ins. If
      > runs out of an issue, he will reorder. Not take a reserved issue.
      > Case in point, when the WTC issue of ASM came out, i missed it. In
      > fact i didn't even know about it. He had people come in and the
      > tried to buy 10-20 copies each. He told them no. Just one. Well
      > next week i'm in there, and he hands me the book. He saved me one.
      > Some guy offered him 15 bucks for it right there. Larry told him "
      > its not mine anymore" How cool is that. I paid my 2.50 and left a
      > satisfied customer. He's done this also with the current issues of
      > Flash, the DC crossovers, and the House of M series. Again i'm
      > lucky to have a decent guy working there. As far as pot-smoking
      > dudes working ther? Nope, just him and a fan-GIRL. Yeah, a chick.
      > very cool chick indeed. Laters, Augie
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