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5957Re: [DCU] Re: Spiderman is simply the best! Nothing can compare.

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  • Larry Talbot
    Aug 6, 2009
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      If it wasn't printed by Marvel or Curtis, then it would be either an underground comic, or something altogether different. It sounds more like the Tarantula, who also had web-guns. I am guessing it was not Peter Parker in any case. Lessee...late 70s...I was in the army off in Germany, so I would never havs seen it. But the age and equipment really sounds like the Tarantula. Now, there have been a few of those as well. The Golden Age one, likely printed by Fawcett and absorbed by DC (like Captain Marvel, Ibis, Bulletman and others.) The second one was a 2-bit villain for Spiderman, 1st appearing in Spectacular Spider-man #1. An acrobat with poisoned points on his boots (yeah, seriously lame.) Then you have the Tarantula from Atlas Comics who was a villain that occasionally took out other villains. He was the result of a family curse ala the Wolfman. It lived on human flesh. Cheesy to say the least. Not the Atlas that pre-dated Marvel, but a short-lived company in the mid-70s.

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      About 30 years ago I read a Spider-man book, in a smaller book format instead of tabloid. Spider-man was in his 50s, wore no mask, and had a costume a lot like the one the Punisher has. Spider-man also used guns to shoot his webs.

      He was a more cynical character, and I think killing wasn't a problem for him anymore. Anybody ever read that book? It wasn't published by Marvel.

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