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5918Re: [DCU] Spiderman is simply the best! Nothing can compare.

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  • Richard J.
    Aug 1, 2009
      Thank you, I was about to point out that the entire planet of Krypton had to die to 'make' Superman, as Uncle Ben had to do to make Spiderman, but in truth, the story is that Jonathan Kent likewise had to die, whether it was the George Reeves version, Glenn Ford or John Schnieder, Jonathan Kent died to bring about a turning point in young Clark's life.

      In the Kirk Alyn version, both parents died and yes eventually for a while it was changed in the comic books to make both Jonathan and Martha guilty factors in Superboy's existence.

      The idea that Spiderman existed in the real world (or Marvel heroes for that matter) is as old as Lee Harvey Oswald, and that the DC characters were in that make-believe world of the 50s is as old as Dwight David Eisenhower.

      Having grown up on the Marvel set and eventually ventured into DC, there are clearly definite appeals to both.

      Truth be told, the (what I would call over-emoting) angst of Marvel got on my nerves after a while and I found alot of it unnecessary (moments when the Thing pouted over his appearance for instance).

      But actually, what I found worse was DC characters imitating this behavior, such as 70s issues of Lois Lane 'dealing with' the murder of her sister Lucy (who suddenly came back to life, it seems) or mainly Wildfire's "CONDITION" in the Legion.

      Found Green Arrow's 'liberalism' to be utterly insulting and ridiculous as well.

      But as to how they are supposed to 'differ', in the Kirk Alyn movie serial, Jonathan Kent does indeed tell young Clark "with great power comes great responsibility."

      --- In DC_Comics_Uncensored@yahoogroups.com, Jonathan <jmrmpd@...> wrote:
      > Yes, they did. The Entire Population of Krypton, and (in the Silver Age Re-Telling,) Jonathan and Martha Kent did... The first one especially, could make a megalomaniac, but didn't. Kal-El/Superman would go on to be Earth-1's greatest and most respected hero...

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      From: Larry Talbot
      Yet rather than set himself up as a God-King, he helps and protects people. And nobody had to die to get him to do so (Uncle Ben, Uncle Ben, waaaaaaah!)

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      Spiderman is the best. Any comments on that?
      > It's not a huge deal but you might want to see what other people had to say about your group.
      > http://2short.net/fV
      > Unlike Superman (who is technically alien) Spiderman has to live like
      > every other human and even when he’s saving the world people don’t
      > automatically trust that he’s the good guy. He has to earn his
      > integrity: it’s not just handed to him for having superpowers which he
      > doesn’t use to kill people.
      > The world of Spiderman isn’t afraid to explore the gray area.
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