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5810[DCU] Re: Thing/Herbie

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  • Richard J.
    Jul 1 5:45 PM
      As I said, after Herbie, even tho by then I was a pre-teen and should have been too old for cartoons, I felt I was open to anything.

      The Thing could have been in outer space, the Thing could have been underwater, we could have had the Thing team (Captain Ben Grimm, Thingra, Dr. Thingster and Thingie, the dog) and I wouldn't have cared.

      And Michael Chiklis of some show I never watched was the Thing. Didn't he appear pretty well into the first movie as a human?

      And get transformed back briefly in the second movie?

      HIs fiancee, who is Asian, wouldn't go near him when he was in the costume, he said in an article.

      I hope they are married by now.

      He also played Curly Howard in the Three Stooges telemovie, who suffered the stroke and brother Moe had to take control of his likeness and left Curly sobbing in the wheelchair.

      Worth noting, the voice of the Thing in the first FF cartoon in '68 was the same voice behind Boris Badenov and the Burgermeister Meisterburger from Santa Claus is Coming To Town, Paul Frees was his name I believe.

      Didnt know this, but the Thing with Herbie the robot in the '78 cartoon was Ted Cassidy, aka Lurch from the Addams Family.

      Also worth noting, Ted Cassidy is the narrator heard at the beginning of the Bixby-Ferrigno Hulk show AND he provided the monster's growls in the show.

      He also did the growls for Godzilla in the late seventies Saturday morning Godzilla cartoon, with Godzookie, about one of the last things he did.

      --- In DC_Comics_Uncensored@yahoogroups.com, Leonard Blunk <lionineone@...> wrote:
      > And this actually sold to TV? Who at Marvel would approve such a show?
      >   Okay, for someone who has no idea of the Thing's origins and place in the Marvel Universe---it might work. But I can see True Believers the world over tuning this one out!
      >   Even the Bixby/Ferringo HULK was better than that.
      >   The actor I felt for was the guy who played the Thing in the FF films. Can you imagine wearing that outfit under kleg lights and just having to walk around in it? Good way to melt off any body fat though! LOL
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