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  • clanceyakker
    Jun 21 4:51 AM
      Wolverine was already heading that way.

      In truth, I think Watchmen had a solid story, and it was misinterpreted to be appealing because of its subject matter, so this was the bandwagon all the other heroes leapt on.

      And the 'villian' of the piece felt he was actually the hero of the day, and open to interpretation, he was. It wasn't like Dr. Doom conquering the world. What would Doom do with the world if he conquered it? He was only a man.

      I think it cheapened the direction of comic books, but this happens in pretty much all mediums. Language, sex, gore, violence, people like it, but they are repulsed by it.

      I've never really felt people were so offended by it, or naive to it, just that they didn't it always interesting.

      I was never deprived of excessive subject matter (whether it was slasher movies or Watchmen) but the shock mentality in today's films and comic books is just redundant to me.

      And now the interpretation from the younger crowd, if Im not blown away by depictions of anal fluids in a comic book, is that I'm shocked by such portrayals and offended.

      Never ending cycle.

      I've often felt that these depictions could simply show someone chewing their food and opening their mouths.

      Ewww! Gross!

      Same effect. Ths was Watchmen.

      But as I said, if the story had been there without the illustrations of the gore and Rorshach's whore mom, would the book have been just as revolutionary?

      I guess we'll never know, eh?

      --- In DC_Comics_Uncensored@yahoogroups.com, "skeletors_hood" <skeletors_hood@...> wrote:
      > The appeal always seemed to be that this was one of the first stories in comics that fostered a more adult appeal, and not because of the nudity or stuff like that. It doesn't end with the heroes winning, for example. It's not the JLA going, "wow, that was a close one. But if evil tries again, we'll always be there." Nope, the "villain" was successful in his plan, and the heroes realize that his plan was the lesser of two evils, and accept to not reveal him. It ends in compromise, like so many things in the real world, and this was an idea unheard of in comics, that it was one of the cornerstones in redefining the way people look at and read comics. This is one of the reasons that it is so revered...without Watchmen, you may not have the Batman that you see in Dark Knight. Characters like Punisher and Wolverine would have no grounds in which to flex their muscles, because writers would still write them towards kids, keeping them toned down and safe. I'm not saying that it is all owed to Watchmen, but Watchmen helped make it happen. Like Shakespeare didn't invent theater, nor did he change it really, but he definitely had a strong influence in its development towards what we consider theater today.
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