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  • clanceyakker
    Jun 21, 2009
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      It was very Wolverine; the slightest bit of appeal to it, readers liking the look of a plot with substance (as compared to the DC Challenge around the same time) and its delving into a 'dark world', whether or not sales were good on the title, led to a backlash of overblown imitations and hype.

      By comparison, if an issue of ARchie were to suddenly have big sales, do you honestly think Marvel, DC or anyone else would jump on that bandwagon and offer up similar works?

      If they did, then these teen kids would have to indulge in the world of drugs and prostitution as well, because in some minds, this is reality.

      Watchmen wasn't bad, but that this (and that Frank Miller Batman thing, one I don't understand even more than Watchmen) re-defining comic books as they were supposed to have done has always just said to me that writers or editors just weren't feeling creative.

      --- In DC_Comics_Uncensored@yahoogroups.com, "jasonshelf" <jasonlnorman@...> wrote:
      > Ok, at the risk of some potentially nasty feedback, I have a legitimate question here...what is the appeal of "Watchmen?" I'm a big comic books fan, but whatever appeal this graphic novel seems to hold for others is lost on me. I find the plot to be somewhat weak and inconsistent, the characters wooden and underwritten, and the artwork retro but not in a good way.
      > I'm not simply trying to belittle the work, just stating my reaction to it. I've heard countless people who refer to their adoration in general terms, but nothing that rang true for my experience.
      > If anyone has any feedback that might give me a different perspective with which to appreciated it, please share.
      > Thanks,
      > Jason
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