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56Re: What Is Your Local Comic Shop Like?

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  • cacfan
    Jun 1 11:55 AM
      --- In dc_comics_uncensored@yahoogroups.com, "amazing63"
      <amazing63@b...> wrote:
      > So what brings you back to your local shop?> NOthing.
      > Here in South Florida the local Comic Shop owners always seemed to
      hire annoying long-haired, tattooed, earinged, pot-head/druggie geek
      types to run their shops. Most of the time these druggies would sell
      out of the HOT issues because they did not order enough, so they
      would raise the price and sell some from the subscriber bags.
      > The only way to avoid it seemed to be to kiss thier ass and buy
      them pizza on Dleivery Days, which some collectors did. If you did
      not stand around and tell them how wonderful they were, they would
      always screw up your weekly Comic Book subscriptions by leaving out
      anything that was HOT.
      > So after a couple of years of consistenly missing the "rare" "HOT"
      issues at various local shops I stopped collecting comic books. It
      is a pain in the ass to have most of a series and then have to pay
      top dollar for the missing HOT issue that the comic-bookstore-geek
      did not put in the bag because he saved extras for his friend or
      sold it at a higher price, etc.
      > BTW, my personal fantasy would be a SWAT team whose job is to bust
      pot-heads at comic book stores and preferably beat them like rented
      mules on the way to jail after trashing the store and leaving the
      doors open for looters.
      > So AFAIAC, any Mom & Pop that hires geeks to run the store should
      go out of business. There is a reason people buy online, and it is
      not really much cheaper unless you only get your comics mailed
      monthly by Media Mail. Who wants to read the comic books a month
      after they are on the stands? The people that are tired of putting
      up with bad service and bad attitude at the local shops.

      Guess i'm alucky one. Here in Abilene there are two comic shops i
      frequent. The larger one is owned by Larry, and he is the man.
      Orders enough HOT comics for his loyal customers and walk-ins. If he
      runs out of an issue, he will reorder. Not take a reserved issue.
      Case in point, when the WTC issue of ASM came out, i missed it. In
      fact i didn't even know about it. He had people come in and the
      tried to buy 10-20 copies each. He told them no. Just one. Well the
      next week i'm in there, and he hands me the book. He saved me one.
      Some guy offered him 15 bucks for it right there. Larry told him "
      its not mine anymore" How cool is that. I paid my 2.50 and left a
      satisfied customer. He's done this also with the current issues of
      Flash, the DC crossovers, and the House of M series. Again i'm just
      lucky to have a decent guy working there. As far as pot-smoking
      dudes working ther? Nope, just him and a fan-GIRL. Yeah, a chick. A
      very cool chick indeed. Laters, Augie
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