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4500Re: [DCU] Who Has Killed the Most Heroes?

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  • Daniel Ross
    Nov 2, 2008
      I forget his name but he killed the golden age  Atom Hourman and a few others too I think he was from the Future

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      Your post also reminds me that Marvel has Scourge, who killed off many, many minor characters.
      The only other company I can think of that Marvel bought was Malibu, which resulted in the end of the Ultraverse.  At least, I think they're all gone?  Any other companies?

      From: Karin <tortillera77@ yahoo.com>
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      Subject: [DCU] Who Has Killed the Most Heroes?

      DC Comics or Marvel??

      I recall the Foolkiller series, where at least a dozen characters got
      killed off. Then there have been many other cross-overs where
      wholesale slaughter of characters has happened.

      Which company has killed off the most heroes and villains? Both Marvel
      and DC have bought characters from other companies. Where are they
      now?? All dead?

      How many heroes and villains are on Version 2.0 or later?? Amazing
      Spider-Man was one of the first comic books where characters were
      being killed off (Captain Stacy, Gwen Stacy, Green Goblin (for 22
      years). Then it became the standard for goosing sales--kill a
      character, sell more comics!

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