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45Re: Greetings & Salutations

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  • cacfan
    May 4, 2005
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      --- In dc_comics_uncensored@yahoogroups.com, "Randy Meyer"
      <currexchfed@a...> wrote:
      > Just want to introduce myself. My name is Randy. I'm 35 years
      > live in Chicago, IL. I've been a DC Comics fan since 1980, when I
      > bought JLA #179, where Firestorm joined the team. DC Comics have
      > a part of my life ever since then. Even in my "awkward teen
      years" or
      > my college days, I would never miss my weekly trip to the comics
      > to see what "The World's Greatest Superheroes" were up to that
      week. I
      > liked Marvel, but I always had more affinity to the DC guys. My
      > favorites have been Flash (any one), Aquaman, Green Lantern (Hal,
      > or Alan), Martian Manhunter (#1 Fave!!), Batman, and Jack Knight.
      > currently love what's going on in the DCU with ID Crisis,
      > and all the minis leading up to Infinite Crisis. Geoff Johns is
      > favorite writer. Ed McGuiness is my favorite artist. I hope that
      > get a chance to know all of you in this club, as I don't have too
      > people to talk to about comics in my real life. My wife is tired
      > trying toundertsand this all. Thanks

      Geoff Johns is my fave writer too. As far as artists, i like Rags
      Morales a lot. My fave character is Flash(Wally West version). I
      myself have been enjoying the new pre-Crisis comics. Welcome, and i
      would love to talk to you more about the upcoming crisis. I also
      recommend going to dccomics.com and joining the message boards, its
      free and LOTS of comic geeks like us are there debating, arguing,
      and just having a blast there. Hope to see you there also.
      Augie, age 29, Abilene TX
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