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4487Re: DC not appreciating what they acquired

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  • xmscity1225
    Nov 1, 2008
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      The older, World War II era heroes being replaced by newer, different
      versions in the present I don't have quite as much of a problem
      with. . . many of them were used in World War II era stories (usually
      by Roy Thomas) as who they were, but in the present it makes sense that
      they'd often be replaced by younger, newer versions.

      Captain Marvel and others from Fawcett were brought into the "present"
      when DC reintroduced the Marvel family and such. . . yeah, maybe it was
      around 30 years ago, but that's still part of the "resent" in
      DC/comicbook time. Same thing applies to Blue Beetle, Question, and
      the other Charlton heroes.

      Maybe it's too much to ask of DC to not just kill a bunch of them off
      or alter many of them so that they barely resemble who they once
      were. . . there have been efforts to use them, but maybe many younger
      fans just didn't have the same feelings for them some of us older fans

      --- In DC_Comics_Uncensored@yahoogroups.com, Darci <darci386@...> wrote:

      Unfortunately, I think just about all of the them? For a historical
      perspective, DC bought Quality Comics in 1956. Amongst the characters
      in that purchase were the Blackhawks, Doll Man, Lady Luck, Manhunter,
      Midnight, Miss America (Joan Dale), Phantom Lady, Plastic Man, the Ray,
      Uncle Sam, and Wildfire (Carol Vance Martin).
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