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4066Re: [DCU] Darkseid and Thanos long lost brothers?

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  • rob newton
    Oct 1, 2008
      anyone watch the avengers cartoon? looked pretty good.
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 6:11 AM
      Subject: Re: [DCU] Darkseid and Thanos long lost brothers?

      jbossbeat@.. . wrote: DUMMY...both were done by Jack Kirby,and the
      Inhumans were FIRST! Look it up!

      HEY JB,

      This is a discussion group. The idea of discussion is that it is
      similar to what would exist if we were all humans living together on
      a space pod and there was a large room for us to sit in and discuss
      comic books while we read them and had our snacks (or whatever).

      So when someone who maybe never read The Inhumans asks a question
      that might seem dumb to an old-timer like you, the good old-timer
      gives out the correct information without the DUMMY.

      Because calling people DUMMY hurts their feelings, and then they
      might go to their middle school and wipe out 25 people because of
      your bullying and abrasive remarks.

      So give the kids lots of nurturing and answer their questions in a
      friendly way. This group may be their last stop on the way to
      psychotic behavior. We may be the only thing stopping a massacre by
      nurturing fractured minds.

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