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4057Re: [DCU] Darkseid and Thanos long lost brothers?

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  • Darci
    Oct 1, 2008
      The woman in green you're recalling is Moondragon, originally Heather Douglas.  The car her parents were driving was destroyed by Thanos.  Both her parents were thought dead, although it turned out her father was reanimated to become Drax the Destroyer.  She was found by Thanos's father, Mentor, and taken to Titan.  Her cousin, Pamela, later became Sundragon.
      Hope this helps,

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      If memory serves, Adam Warlock originally an artificial life form created on an alternate earth and not a member of the same Titan family that spawned Mar-Vell, etc.

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      Rashon <kensia29@.. .> wrote:> I have another question. What has Thanos
      to do with the Inhumans? Thanos is an Eternal from Titan not an Inhuman

      I do not recall ever seeing Thanos together with any Inhumans, though
      I honestly hate the Inhumans and have often avoided buying any issues
      of any comic book that had Inhumans unless it promised "ONE WILL DIE."

      Thanos was the brother or cousin of Star Fox or Fire Fox and somehow
      they were related to the wife of Captain Mar-Vell or something along
      those lines. At some point I think Adam Warlock was also in the
      general line of relatives but I am not sure. The Moonshadow or
      whatever her name was (the bald woman who used to dress in a green
      gown) was also related to Titan.

      Overall, Thanos is the only interesting character to come out of
      Titan. Captain Mar-Vell and Warlock were created before Thanos.

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