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240Re: Saw Superman Returns

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    Jul 20, 2006
      i am mostly expecting that routh's superman returns would somehow a
      sequel to reeve's superman I-IV...

      BUT HOW COME--
      lois doesnt know Clark is Supe?

      i remember reeve being in a chamber to be immortal. it left an
      impression that the supe-costume is actually not removable for clark
      and lois to have sex [afterwards].

      actually, 'returns' could not pass as a sequel to other superman
      movies. it's like 'returns' has a story of its own when it comes to
      lois-clark love story [where 'returns' eventually evolved anyway]....

      by the way, is jason the "Eradicator"? just wondering...

      but the movie is all technically and visually pleasant than the
      previous movies [as expected]..


      --- In dc_comics_uncensored@yahoogroups.com, "Richard J."
      <lightoller_ch@...> wrote:
      > sonofagun.
      > It picked up exactly where Superman II kind of left off.
      > Even had the John Williams score, which I didn't know it would do.
      > Cameos by NOel Neill and Jack Larson.
      > And Brandon Routh got the job because he SOUNDED like Chris Reeve.
      > But he certainly wasn't as big and imposing as Reeve was. I
      > watching Superman and going 'how could they not notice how large
      > Clark is?' Routh didn't have that same presence.
      > Pity they didn't name Lois' kid after Jerome Siegel and Jerry
      > Shuster; Jerry instead of Jason.
      > How much formation of the fortress of solitude crystals can you
      > at?
      > Eva Marie Saint (Martha Kent here) would win her Oscar at the same
      > time as Marlon Brando won his first Oscar.
      > Really offered nothing new to the Superman story that was
      > by Salkind, but it was fun to see the movies from twenty or thirty
      > years ago picked up so well.
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