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2164Re: [DCU] Re: 686 members banned

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  • Al
    Dec 9, 2007
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      From: "DK" <someone is PURPOSLY giving this email addy to the p*rn-sites.>>

      Back when there was a thread about the l*sbian Batwoman is when all the spam
      for l*sbian p*rn started. I think it is that the spam-bots search google for
      certain keywords and then the automated software sends out the daily spam
      based on words that are used.

      For example, there are various discussions that probably trigger more spam.
      Like mentioning p*rn, l*sbians, ad*lt, unc*nsored, etc., will no doubt cause
      the spam to double for several weeks.

      In other words, by discussing these things we trigger more of it. 99% of the
      spam is sent through automated software. I have come to the conclusion that
      the best way to avoid it is by ignoring it and not mentioning it any more.
      So I am going to restrain myself from remarking about it in the future.
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