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2147Re: [DCU] 686 members banned

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  • Al
    Dec 2 2:37 PM
      From: "Denise M" <> But the main reason has to start at home. My home, your
      home, everyone's home. parents still bear the main responsibility to teach
      our children right from wrong, to give them a moral pillar to lean on, to
      explain what these things are that are out there and why they are wrong, to
      educate them and nurture them so that they don't grow up to rob and kill.

      I agree with you, but I know how public schools are way different from
      private schooling. I grew up in a mildly religious environment and went to a
      private elementary school. Then I was sent to public school and it was like
      night and day.

      The lack of any kind of positive standards in public school are hard to
      emphasize enough. It is not just that religion is banned from public
      schools. It is that there is absolutely no teaching about right and wrong,
      morality, social mores, courtesy, civilized conduct, etc. Even a class about
      "How to stay out of prison" would be a positive compared to what is the norm
      right now.

      Then add to that the fact that your son or daughter could ask to go on
      Wikipedia to find out some information for their school project. How hard is
      it for them to find porn? Even YOUTUBE.COM has a lot of nasty crap on it.

      So you educate your kids about right and wrong and then send them to an
      atheistic school environment and a society that promotes promiscuous sex and
      drugs and alcohol. Not to mention violence.

      When I was a kid, I regularly walked to the supermarket to go buy a gallon
      of milk or something along those lines. If you watch Leave It To Beaver or
      similar shows of that era, kids routinely walked all over town with very
      little fear of being raped, murdered, kidnapped, etc. Now it seems like
      every day some kid is abducted. Kids can barely get to the bus stop to go to
      school and then run back home. Kids can't go play in the park after school
      by themselves like when I was a kid.

      America has become an amoral place where crime and murder are the norm. I
      recall seeing some news report a while back about some kid whose grandmother
      let him go to the park and he got kidnapped. My first reaction was "Well
      what did she expect? He went to the park alone." Then I thought about how
      much the world has changed from the time when I was a kid and I used to go
      to the park alone every day, and so did most of the other kids from the
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