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2146Re: [DCU] 686 members banned

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  • Denise M
    Dec 2, 2007
      I can agree in part of what you say here.  There is a lot of ills in our society, and a lot of them are here on the Internet.  The two things you mention are certainly secondary reasons why senseless things happen in our society.

      But the main reason has to start at home.  My home, your home, everyone's home.  Not all of us have the ideal circumstances to deal with, I know; there are millions of single parent homes and even worse situations out there.  But parents still bear the main responsibility to teach our children right from wrong, to give them a moral pillar to lean on, to explain what these things are that are out there and why they are wrong, to educate them and nurture them so that they don't grow up to rob and kill.

      I think one of the main reasons I have always been drawn to the DC comics is that the heroes usually do stand for what is right...even though they are not perfect, and they all come from different backgrounds and cultures. 

      Thanks for  listening to my 'reply' rant!

      'Wonder Woman'

      Al <actionheroes@...> wrote:
      From: "A M" <> Bravo, good job. get rid of all these deranged wierdos from
      our society we hold true and dear.

      Uncensored means we can talk about anything we want regarding the comic book
      industry, writers, artists, etc. Some folks think uncensored means

      It is very sad to see the society of today in America. Last week, Sean
      Taylor of the Washington Redskins was killed in his home here in Miami. The
      teenagers that killed him were friends of friends of Taylor's sister, and
      apparently one of them visited the home because Taylor's sister hosted some
      big party there. They heard how much money Taylor had and went back to rob
      the house. Taylor happened to be home and he was shot and ended up dying.

      Why? I think it has a lot to do with A) lack of religion in public schools
      and B) pornography in America.

      Since religion and religious groups were banned from public schools, what
      that means is that the poorest members of society get absolutely zero moral
      education in many cases. The rich lawyers who had those laws and court
      opinions passed are in almost every case sending their own kids to private
      religious schools were their kids get great educations and great
      moral/religious foundations. So who got screwed in the interests of the
      seperation of church and state? The poor kids.

      Then came Playboy magazine and that ultimate pajama-wearing scumbag, Hugh
      Hefner. He opened the doors to hardcore pornography in America, and now it
      is everywhere. What does porn do? If you are using it as part of a healthy
      relationship, I guess that it is up to the individual/couple' s judgment. But
      there is so much unhealthy and sick stuff out there and kids are often
      exposed to it because it is so easy to get. You name the sick activity, and
      anyone can find it anywhere. Even on Yahoo there are adult groups and all
      you have to say is that you are an adult. Yahoo does not check. So we have a
      godless society where kids are exposed to every perversion at the click of a
      computer key, and America is not the same place I was born into, and it is
      becoming a very sick place.

      Which all ties in to the "Mature" Comic Books and why I hate them so much.
      If I needed to see depressing crap I would turn on the news every night, I
      don't need to read a comic book.

      Thanks for reading my rant if you got this far!!!

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