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2139686 members banned

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  • Actionheroes
    Dec 1, 2007
      It seems like every week we ban at least 10-15 spammers.

      In going over the membership rolls, I noticed that there were about 100
      members with names like BIGD*CK4U, SUCKMYC*CK, BIGSLUT, LESBOWH*RE,
      etc., I removed all those members. I don't know what kind of mental
      defective joins a comic book group with an email name like D*CKSUCKER,
      but I don't want that person posting or participating, I would consider
      that kind of person a sexual predator or just a sick pervert. If you
      want to call yourself P*SSYLICKER, do it somewhere else.

      I guess it is probably hard for you to imagine a list of 8500 members
      in which there are numerous columns of names like LICKMYHOLE and things
      like that. I don't like reading that crap, so I removed them all. If
      you want to join again, change your email name to something that is not
      perverted or sexually graphic.
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