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1715Re: [DCU] Need help for another first name for this supervillain I created

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  • patrisha oleary
    Aug 15 4:27 PM
      nick or nicky is a perfect name for ripper

      Jason Case <nightavenger25@...> wrote:

      I have created my own super hero and he has a love interest, 3 super
      hero allies he is going to have more, 12 major enemies and he more to
      come and a city of where his adventures take place which is in
      Chicago, and up to 4 issues written with the first 2 appearnces of
      one of his major enemies, another first appearnce of another one of
      his major enemies, and then the last issue where he takes on a gang.

      Anyways here is the description of the supervillain I recently

      Real Name Nick Rippner
      Height 6'
      Weight 205
      Eye Color Brown as human black when he was changed to to obtain his
      powers abilties
      Hair Color Black
      Skin Color White since being changed to obtain his powers abilties it
      is red.

      Now if you can suggust a better first name to go in front of Rippner
      I would appreciate it. Although keep in mind that don't suggust Jason
      because it's already being used by my main super hero as his real
      first name and not Jack because it has already been used.

      Appearnce He has long black hair covering all of his neck with his
      bangs going combed foward, has two earings and is in top shape much
      like Captain America. He wears a black biker jacket the same kind Tom
      Cruise had in War of the Worlds with a dark red collar, dark plain
      gray t shirt,black tights, and burgundy red boots.

      Powers Abitlies Mastermind at thinking of ways to kill people and
      having them suffer a lot before dying. He is a deadly hand to hand
      combatant despite not being skilled in any forms of martial arts. He
      is an expert at trying to screw up his opponents concentration by
      trash talk or him saying he will win the fight and they won't be
      putting much of a fight, along with any other upsetting event. He is
      also skilled with many types of knives, swords, and other non related
      weapons that aren't guns. He can project hellfire bolts. He has
      superhuman strength up to 12 tons,Mach 1 speed which is which is
      level 4 in the Marvel Universe with 7 being the highest, enhanced
      durability, and he can control people with low self esteem. He also
      has the best vision beyond human able to see even darkest light.

      Nick is a bit of drama machine who is as competive as it comes and is
      a starting stat leading wide reciever who almost always has 2 or more
      tds in a gane and usually 100 or more yards recieving.He had offers
      to 3 Big 10 Schools, 5 Big 12 Schools, and 4 Sec Schools.

      If you can think of a first name that sounds better in front of
      Rippner then please tell me. Also don't say Jason because that is
      already being taken by my main super hero as his real first name and
      not Jack because it's already been used.

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