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1702Re: [DCU] Need help for another first name for this supervillain I created

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  • Jason Case
    Aug 5, 2007
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      Taunter (Rosalio Valentine) is a poet who has a talent for pissing
      people off and pushing their buttons. He has used his poems to tell
      people about their mistakes and criticize them.

      Taunter (Rosalio Valentine) is hispanic and has long black hair. He
      will have curly long hair like the baseball player of the Detriot
      Tigers Maglio Ordanez except it's a little longer. He will also have
      a mustache.

      Taunter Rosalio Luis Valentine

      Mr.Anarchy the guy in charge much like Mr.Sinister

      Mr.Anarchy's Minons
      1.Psychdemon (Darian Alex Rippner)
      2.Desolater (David Omar Bolware)
      3.Taunter (Rosalio Luis Valentine)
      4. I still have to come up with the fourth one.

      Psychdemon The leader he likes to screw up their opponents with trash
      talk. Officially he has a high temper and keeps a lot bottled up
      inside that is personal. Officially he is going to yell at one of the
      three to keep them in line when they are talking back to him.
      Desolater He is the official muscel of the group. He usually talks
      how he is going to pound their opponents and win but usually ends up
      getting pounded himself, and usually will break something after they
      Taunter The official brains of the group often using his untrue
      remarks to taunt their opponents along with true ones such as a
      mistake the person made. He also likes to talk about their limits as
      being goody two shoes and not going to the extra mile to shut him up
      by killing him along with taking out the group permantly by killing
      them all. He tests out the insults and what is going to say on the
      teammates. Officially this creates tention and hostility because they
      are frustrated that they have be tested out on when Psychodemon has
      suggested to just imagine what he would say and keep in his mind,
      while Desolater has suggested to test it out on innocent humans.
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